About Me

Hello! I’m Shiva Shankar, an electrical engineering student who is passionate in working with Electronics, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing. I am interested in inventing solutions that have a greater impact. I have won in many hackathons such as Bosch and Amazon Web Services.

My team was the champion of the Bosch Ville Hackathon 2018. We implemented an IoT based product which allows farmers and researchers to experiment on different nutrient concentrations in order to promote plant growth and increase yield. This would help tackle the issue of world hunger which is a Sustainable Development Goal. Our idea was so impressive that we were given a chance to engage in a partnership with Bosch to bring the product to market. I am truly grateful to my 4 team members and hope we will work together with my team to bring it to production.

From one of my recent projects,


I always try to explore new ideas such as FPGA heterogeneous computing ! This is my personal blog where I compile my thoughts and reflections. Please do share with your friends if you had found it useful ! :)